Name and Number Printing

Standard Printing - Name & Number

ITM Cup Printing - 3D Digits

What can I get printed?

Get the same number printed onto your jersey or tee shirt as your favourite player and in the official team colours!

You can have official Canterbury digits (the Canterbury logo is shown on the bottom of the numbers) screened printed onto the back of your jersey or tee shirt.

We offer either standard Canterbury digits or 3D digits. The 3D digits are automatically placed on all ITM Cup gear, but if requested we can place them on anyother jersey offered on the site too.

You can also have a name screened printed on the back of your Canterbury jersey or tee shirt!

Printing costs are:

  • NUMBERS: NZ$10 per digit
  • NAME: NZ$20 per jersey (Maximum of 12 letters including spaces)

How do I get a name or number on the back of my Jersey?

Step 1. Select the item you want printed on this site.
Step 2. If the item is able to be personalised with a name and/or number 'personalise this garment' will appear under quantity.
Step 3. Select your colour size and quantity of this item and add your name and/or number and select the colour from the drop down boxes.
Step 4. Add this item to your cart.
Step 5. Proceed to checkout. Fill out your delivery details or if you are a returning customer login in to your account as prompted.
Step 6. Follow the on screen instructions to complete your order.

No returns or refunds will be given on garments that have been personalised. Once the garment has been through the personalisation processes the purchase must be completed by the customer.

Please allow an extra 2 weeks, on top of normal handling and delivery estimates, for us to print your names and numbers.

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